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Iyengar certification mark is a guarantee of excellence, clarity & depth of understanding

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To obtain the Iyengar certification I first did 3 yrs of Iyengar Yoga classes with qualified Iyengar teachers, followed by 3 yrs teachers training with Seniors in Asana and Pranayama, Theory of Pose and Movement,and Indian Philosophy. I successfully passed after a rigorous assesment.

I have also trained with B.K.S Iyengar himself, along with his daughter Geeta and son Prashant.

In January 2019 I graduated as an Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher.



Mon eve 6.30-8pm  Forres Community Centre

Tue morn 11-12.30pm Findhorn Foundation

Wed eve 7.00-8.30pm Findhorn Foundation

Fri morn 10 – 11.30am Forres Community Centre



3yr Diploma on  Asana and  Pranayama, Theory of Pose and Movement (Anatomy & Physiology) and Indian Philosophy.

From January 2018 to January 2019 studied with the British School of Yoga.



I continue to develop my own practice by regularly visiting Senior teachers throughout the UK and Europe.



Small classes 1-4 people can be arranged.

Private classes on request

£8.50 drop in class

£45 for 6 (£7.50 per class – 8 wks to do in)

£35  for day workshops



The Iyengar method yoga postures are very precise, helping you focus on correct alignment of the body, ensuring you are working safely with maximum benefit to your flexibility, strength and wellbeing

Through its thoroughness and focus it opens up our awareness of body, mind & spirit, bringing stability and poise whatever age and stage of life. Props such as belts & blocks are sometimes used to allow thoses with less strength or flexibility to work correctly to achieve full potential.

You will be guided through the postures and I make appropriate adjustments for different physiques and for people with specific problems: back pain, headaches, arthtitis pain, sciaticia, muscle tension – it is a remedial yoga. As you continue with the practice, psychological and spritual benefits begin to appear.

My method of teaching will combine Iyengar & Hatha Yoga – to create a sequence to what I think will make a good class.

All Welcome.

Please contact me if you have any questions.  Visit website for updates & workshops

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