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My current work as a Certified Biofeedback Practitioner is the fruit of a journey through several decades, when I began to broaden my understanding of health and wellbeing. This adventure took me into the diverse realms of many alternative therapies. Massage, acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy, reflexology, homeopathy, and much more, have helped me to reach greater levels of wellness. Consciously choosing to use organic food and toiletries adds more intention to self-care on all levels.

Following a 17-year career in journalism, I trained in pastoral theology, therapeutic and performance storytelling, Steiner Waldorf education, creative writing group facilitation, peace-building, oral history, and reiki. It has been a dance of many steps, with each new set of steps enhancing my versatility. The fruits of all of these learnings are in my new work as a Biofeedback Practitioner.

In 2010, aged 52, I had an energy meltdown which stopped me in my tracks. It was thanks to Biofeedback therapy, along with a regime of supplements and other supporting therapies, that I managed to pull through and find my wellness again within a few months. Even so, this was a life-changing experience and taught me yet more about how to hold my health and listen to my body.

I continued to access Biofeedback as my first port of call when anything needed attention. As my understanding of this modality grew, I felt a strong desire to be able to train in the work and bring its benefits to others. It is an emerging medicine, rooted in quantum physics and breaking new ground in its ability to measure the electrical energy field. Overall, it is still little known even though there are currently thousands of practitioners around the world.



I work from a room called The Den, located beside The Sunshine Room at East Whins, The Park, Findhorn. Sessions can also be done by distance.



Weekdays; evenings and weekends if available.



Reiki Level l & Level ll – 2013

Creative Writing Group Facilitation – 2011

Community Development & Peace-building – 2010

Reminiscence work – 2010

Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Education – 2009

Storytelling as a Healing Art – 2003

Youth & Community Work – 1997

BA Hons Theology & Pastoral Studies – 1996



Certified Biofeedback Practitioner: The International Academy for Quantum Training



New client, first session: £75 (two hours)

Follow up sessions: £55 for one hour; £70 for 90 minutes.

50% cancellation fee for missed appointments



How well are you? Are you listening to all the messages that your body wants you to hear so that you can stay well – or do you ignore the early warnings and try to get on with life, hoping things will sort themselves out?

Advances in quantum physics have made it possible to test the electrical energy field of humans, animals, in fact everything! Biofeedback therapy measures disease states through a software programme that pinpoints up to the minute information about your total wellbeing. The levels of stress responses can indicate where wellness is compromised, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Following a short test at the beginning of each session, the rest of the time involves giving therapies through the device, each of which supports the body’s self-healing potential.

The client normally sits on a comfortable chair. The Biofeedback device is connected to the client via wrist, ankle and head sensors. Information gathered from the test is organised to show the highest reaction, helping the practitioner to see which therapies are needed.

For the most part, the client can relax and close their eyes, whilst I get on with the work! From time to time some interaction is needed to discuss on-going results.

Recommendations for follow up may be given to the client to help with onward self-care.

Sessions can be done both in person as well as by distance.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your journey towards greater wellness and self-care.

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