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Welcome to a Bio-Resonance Practice

Although Bio-Resonance is non-invasive, it is an in-person therapy with the practitioner and client sharing the same close space. If you have been unwell close to an appointment, please contact me to discuss the situation. If I feel that my health puts anyone in jeopardy in any way I would contact my client. In this way we can be sensible and support each other throughout the changing year. GDPR protocol will be discussed with clients at the first practice session.


Bio-resonance therapy is part of the group of healing modalities linked to vibrational medicine, which views our bodies as energetic entities, that have the capacity to receive and respond to frequencies that can heal and help us to repair ourselves.

Bio-resonance machines have been built and programmed for a number of decades now to pick up frequencies in the human body of the body systems (blood; endocrine; lymph; hormonal…), organs, our whole physiology.

When living matter becomes dis-eased the body is thrown out of balance, homoeostasis is disturbed. The frequencies of this disturbance can be picked up by the bio-resonance machine, can be identified and healing frequencies can be transmitted back into the body, to help reduce the burden of the disease or condition. Over time, this supports the healing potential of the body to re-establish its own balance and positive health.

Treatment time and number of sessions is relative to the severity of the client’s condition or problem that needs treating. Treatment is offered in a confidential and discreet environment and is non-invasive.

The client receives transmission of frequencies mostly via a detector sheet which they lie or sit upon and which is connected to the bio-resonance machine.

Mobile mini-bio-resonance devices can also be programmed and rented by clients to support their ongoing treatment in their own homes.

Bio-resonance work does not involve radioactivity, x-rays or EMR. Checkout

Rayonex Bio-Medical was founded in Germany in 1982, and the bio-resonance approach that I use is Bio-Resonance according to Paul Schmidt (cause-oriented approach). There is a Rayonex Bio-Medical UK branch and the system is now widely used in over 40 countries.


Currently Monday, Tuesday and Thursday- times by arrangement- can be flexible


  • Tavistock Society of Psychotherapists and Allied Professionals- 2000-2004
  • Associate Teaching Fellow, University of Aberdeen- 2005-6
  • Academic Alumni – Open University, Highlands & Islands-2002-3
  • Academic Alumni- University of Suffolk- 1995-2000
  • Academic Associate- Schl.of Education- Cambridge Uni.- 1998
  • Academic Associate- University of East Anglia-1996-2002
  • Full Registration of General Teaching Council of Scotland 2003-23 and General Teaching Council of England- 1978-2000
  • Member Education Institute of Scotland- 2003-2022
  • Graduate Member of Rayonex Bio-medical UK- 2023 B.Ed University of Sussex (1978)
  • MA Open University(2000) Post-grad Cert: and Post-grad Dip in Therapeutic Communication/Counselling University of East London and the Tavistock Clinic, London. 2000-2
  • Certificate of Practice- Rayonex Bio-medical Bio-Resonance – 2023


Throughout my career in the public sector, I have accrued training in a number of public service areas, with people care and support figuring largely through health, social and mental health services, child protection, family bereavement, child and adult therapeutic practise.

My interest in the Rayonex Bio-Resonance approach was in me being drawn to the principle of the three areas of practice; Pathology; Physiology; and Psyche around which the healing programmes are structured and based. Rayonex has called upon experienced practitioners in Chinese Medicine; Bach Flower Healing; Asian Chakra Balancing; and Schussler Tissue Salts to contribute to the healing modalities offered by the Bio-Resonance machines.

Graduate of Rayonex Bio-Medical UK and Bio-Resonance Practitioner Training-Certificated- April 2023.


I have worked in the Public Sector for a number of years, in multi-disciplinary environments of health, social services, schools education and higher education.

As an academic lecturer I have taught Health Studies and supported the training of health professionals; worked in teacher training-lecturing across a range of subject specialisms including psychology; family and childhood studies; taught post-graduate therapeutic communication to public sector professionals and mentored students of all ages and from all walks of life.

As a student of the Tavistock Clinic in London, I trained in psychotherapeutic practice for two years, which underpinned all specialist areas studied, before graduating with a certificate and diploma.

Between 2010-2020 I worked with a local bio-resonance practitioner on my own healing journey.

Since my Bio-resonance training during 2023, I have been building up practitioner experience with friends and local people and further training and have been accepting clients now for a couple of months.


First Session £45- subsequent sessions (up to 90mins) £40


“Sue Clutterbuck certified as a Rayonex Practitioner in Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt in April 2023. Sue is showing great enthusiasm for the application of bioresonance to support healing and holistic health for anyone who reaches out to make contact with our practice. Her training in therapeutic practice supports the client-based cause-oriented therapy approach, offering person-to-person contact and a commitment to making bioresonance accessible for all. Sue will continue to update her practice through ongoing trainings and post-graduate seminars organised by Rayonex Biomedical UK” – Thomas Warrior- CEO Rayonex Biomedical UK. 2024

‘I’m in my third month of working with Sue Clutterbuck and Rayonex Biomedical Bioresonance technology, which provides a holistic and comprehensive approach to both diagnostics and treatment in each visit. Due to Sue’s knowledgeable, caring and in depth approach, I always leave with a feeling of well being and I highly recommend her for those seeking alternative healthcare” – G.Taaffe- Moray 2024

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