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Sabine Weeke



Tel: 01309 692253;

Mobile: 07554 745992

4 Bay View, Findhorn IV36 3YX, and online


Like delicate sensors our chakras and subtle energy bodies interact with our environment, reacting to anything happening in our lives, positive as well as negative. Thought patterns, emotional trauma, past life issues etc. that we may not always be consciously aware of can lead to blockages in our energy field and may leave us in an unhappy, stuck place or manifest in a physical illness if not released. The natural flow of our life energy is blocked.

Using the Brennan energy healing model I can help clear, balance, restructure chakras and energy body, and facilitate healing impulses with techniques such as spiritual surgery, spine cleaning, hara and core star healing to address physical and other issues – as well as bring you into clearer alignment with your life.

A close connection to nature influences my work and I have also an interest in animal healing since our animal companions often respond well to energy work.

I work remotely and in person.


By arrangement


Diploma Brennan Healing Science Practitioner (2011)

Member of Brennan Healing Science Association (UK)


Barbara Brennan School of Healing Science, graduate 2011

My ongoing study and interest lies in ancestral healing/constellation work/movement and animal healing.


£ 45 per session (60 – 90 minutes); animals by donation

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