Momie Cain

Psychotherapy (Individual /couples), NARM, Mindfulness, Energy Healing, Process Work

Momie Cain




Tel: 07887 600 634 or 01309 691531

Findhorn Village and online


I am a trauma and somatic informed psychotherapist qualified to give healing touch. I work with individuals and couples.


Monday to Thursday 9:00 – 19:00 (fortnightly sessions)


  • BA (Hons) Nursing Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling/Psychotherapy
  • Certificate in NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM): an approach to healing developmental trauma.
  • Certificate: Process Oriented Psychology (POP)
  • Certificate: Energy Healing (INEH)
  • Certificate: Teaching Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR )
  • Certificate: Teaching Qualification in Further Education (TQFE)

As an accredited member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy and the International Network of Energy Healing, I adhere to both these governing bodies codes of professional ethics.


After practicing as a Registered Nurse in the USA, I moved to the Findhorn Community in 1983.

Following a delightful period of raising my family, I retrained as a psychotherapist, teacher, and subtle energy healer. Guided by a commitment to offer a holistic approach, I trained in a number of modalities.

Although Person-centred and Psychodynamic foundations underpin my psychotherapeutic work, I interweave transpersonal skills from Process Work, somatic mindfulness, and techniques for working with trauma and stress reduction to support clients restore their inherent sense of balance, resilience and resourcefulness.

I qualified to teach MBSR from Bangor University, and Further Education courses from the University of Dundee.


All my life I have been fascinated by the miracle of healing. Through 42 years of experience, I pursued this passion as a nurse in a variety of medical settings, Psychotherapist, Healer, and teacher of adult education courses on Mindfulness.The Mindfulness approach runs like a steady current through each area of my work.


£50-£65 sliding scale for 60 min individual therapy/ £85 – £95 for 90min couples therapy


As a psychotherapist myself, I have experienced Momie as a highly experienced and professional therapist. She uses an integrative model that also includes an ability to work at a deep level with trauma. The additional benefit of Momie’s modality is her gift for energy healing and the unique way she has integrated it into her talking therapy work. This provides a space – particularly for those of us who have had many years of counselling/psychotherapy – to take the work to an entirely new level of understanding and transformation. I completely trust Momie’s integrity and authenticity.

Jill Brierley ( psychotherapist and co-author of The Inner Camino: A Path of Awakening)

I found Momie’s way of working incredibly helpful, she was warm, attentive, astute and invited me to pause and truly reflect on the core issue, feelings, as well as where or how I felt it physically. This made made me feel connected, have a holistic experience and many insights. Although I was dealing with huge issues, each session filled me with joy, wisdom, clarity and learning.

Georgina Towers ( Art Therapist )

After many years and several psychotherapists, I have found Momie to be the most helpful support, mentor and healer on all levels. I enjoyed working with a mindfulness approach. I highly recommend her.

H Cranston (Nutritional Therapist)

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