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During the current   situation,    massage sessions are  offered  in a “ Covid – safe ” environment,   as recommended   by my professional body



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27 years as Massage Therapist practising from my home in Forres, at the Findhorn Foundation, and internationally.

Annually since 1999  I have taught Basic and Advanced Massage workshops and given sessions in Holistic Relaxing Massage in many parts of Japan, Manila Philippines, at the Edinburgh Salisbury Centre,  and in Forres.

In spring 2020  I taught my massage seminar and private sessions in Tokyo and Osaka.  Click here for details

I also taught “Magic of the Chakras” ws in Tokyo. Full details on my website, in English and Japanese.



Home address  5 mins from Cluny or Park

….I can often  drive  you  ( free ) to your session

I also visit client’s home if  preferred.



Monday – Friday  :   9:00 am  to 6:00 pm.

Weekends and evenings by arrangement.



ITEC  Diploma  training

  • Californian  Esalen-type massage
  • Swedish  Therapeutic  Massage
  • Remedial / Sports Massage training
  • Introduction toAromatherapy
  • Therapeutic  Touch
  • Advanced  Massage  Skills
  • Reiki  level 1  attunement
  • Astroshamanic Touch
  • Kinesiology  Touch for Health
  • Fundamentals of Co-Counselling
  • Introduction to Life Coaching skills.
  • Essentials of Psychosynthesis



ITEC Diploma : Anatomy,  Physiology and Massage

GSM Diploma  : Remedial and Sports massage

Certified Co-Counsellor : CoCounselling International

Robert Gordon’s University, (Aberdeen) : Graduate inPhysiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology

Member : Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation

Member : General Council for Massage Therapy




2 HOUR consultation and session is £60

Follow-up sessions £50 /2hrs. 10% discount NFA/FF



WHAT IS “LEV’S  HOLISTIC  MASSAGE”? (and how does it differ from other massages ?)

When clients initially come for my massage,  I always explain what I mean by the word  HOLISTIC ,  as it applies in the context of my healing work.   HOLISTIC is a “fashionable” label these days,   so I always explain what my  HOLISTC MASSAGE includes, as other therapists may mean something very different!

Firstly, I see the client as a human being,  not only with a physical body which can gain relief from muscular aches and pains by skilled manipulation – but each of us has also an “emotional body” ,  and a “spiritual  body” –unseen,  but also deserving of tender loving care.  This “ three bodies”  concept is the first part of my “Holistic” definition.

Secondly,   I aim to combine both “east and west” in my massage. The “west” is represented by 25 years of various western trainings.  The “east”  means engaging the more “subtle energies” taught in  eastern traditions –   of acupuncture,    reflexology,  or kinesiology,  working with energy channels,   meridians and chakras.

Any  “energy blocks” may often be detected and shifted,  –  perhaps working with the breath – helping  clients to achieve release of longstanding stuck patterns.

Using this subtle approach ,  “mechanically powerful” pressure, such as in sports massage or deep tissue work,,   is unnecessary –  I believe in the phrase  “less is more ! ”  So, the touch is gentler than many massage styles,    but effects often  transformative,   as I guide the subtle energies to the deeper place of healing and the outcome is usually profound.

Chakra Balancing   helps the client to realise their potential in all areas of life.   The east/west combination, together with the 3 layered model,  provides a complete healing journey,  given professionally but with loving intention.  That’s why I spend at least 2 hours with each client,  so all the parts of an holistic experience are integrated, for maximum benefit to my clients.

I also offer   inexpensive  B&B,  so you can relax and stay as my guest without having to travel after a session.

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