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Esalen Massage, Art of Jin Shin, Intuitive Coaching

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As a certified coach and body work practitioner I am passionate about supporting others to relax and to live a balanced and purposeful life in order to bring their gifts to the world.

My own life journey has been greatly touched by the healing arts. This led me to write Dances with Spiders, an in-depth study on dance, trauma and well-being in Southern Italy, based on my PhD in medical anthropology. A decade as a member of the Findhorn Foundation has further allowed me to develop my skills in energy work, holistic learning, dance and trauma awareness.

In essence, I offer the healing arts of Esalen Massage and Jin Shin as well as Coaching tools to empower you to relax and to tap into the innate wisdom of your body and beingness.

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Online and at Healthworks, Forres



In person sessions at Healthworks: Thurs mornings and Sat afternoons

Online sessions by arrangement



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I have undertaken further training in:

  • Embodiment Coaching with Mark Walsh;
  • Deep Bodywork and Esalen massage with Mika Oishi;
  • Conscious Healing & Collective Trauma with Thomas Huebl / Inner Science Academy;
  • Treating Trauma Master Series with the National Institute for the Application of Behavioural Medicine (NICABM);
  • On-going supervisions and personal development are central to my work.



  • Certified coach trained by Wise Goose Coaching and accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management;
  • Certified practitioner of Esalen massage trained by Perry and Johanna Holloman from the Esalen Institute and a member of the Esalen Massage and Bodywork Association;
  • Art of Jin Shin / TARA Approach practitioner trained by Dr Stephanie Mines and listed on The TARA Approach Practitioners Directory;
  • Insured by Balens Ltd.




Intuitive Coaching

Can’t move forward? Let yourself be held in a supportive process to find your own clarity in the face of life’s complexities. Get help to clarify your values and find out what holds you back. Tap into your innate wisdom and intuitively let your next steps emerge.

Working closely with the body through massage and energy work on-goingly confirms to me how relaxation activates our intrinsic self-healing capacity and bodily wisdom. This awareness also guides my approach to coaching. Many coaching modalities focus on goals, brain-storming and analytical thinking. The sessions I offer combine these rational approaches with deeply grounded, embodied and intuitive ways of accessing new insights and inspiration.

This approach allows you to bring awareness and compassion to the physiological responses of your autonomic nervous system to everyday situations. As you observe how these reflexes influence your experiences, perspectives, choices and behaviour, new possibilities of being in the world emerge. You come to draw on the wholeness of what it means to be human to find answers and identify next steps.


Esalen Massage

All tense and stressed? Let this flowing technique of whole-body integration support you to unwind. Its long integrating strokes and gentle stretches naturally take you into deep spaces of relaxation. This activates your parasympathetic nervous system and life’s innate self-healing impulse.

Esalen massage was inspired by the rhythms of the Pacific ocean and developed at the Esalen Institute, founded on the Californian coast in 1962. It grew out of the work of master teachers such as Charlotte Selver (Sensory awareness), Fritz Perls (Gestalt therapy), Moshe Feldenkrais (The Feldenkrais method) and Gabrielle Roth (5 Rhythms). My teachers, long term Esalen residents and master trainers Perry and Johanna Holloman, now teach the art of Esalen massage at the Findhorn Foundation and around the world.

Unique to the whole body technique of Esalen massage is its focus on the entire surface of the skin. Through caring contact from head to toe, you are reminded of the interconnected wholeness of your body. Long, integrating strokes and slow muscle work help to release everyday stresses, still the mind and leave you feeling integrated and deeply relaxed.


Art of Jin Shin / The TARA Approach

Feeling out of sync? Your natural flow of life energy is harmonized by this subtle form of energy medicine. Based on pulse listening and light touch, the Art of Jin shin stimulates your self-healing capacity. Using it as self care empowers you to help yourself.

The Art of Jin Shin, also known as Jin Shin Jyutsu, was developed by Jiro Murai in Japan, as a result of his affliction by a life-threatening illness in 1912. Following his unexpected recovery, he dedicated his life to study and pass on this system. In the 1940s, his student Mary Ino Burmeister overcame her own health challenges through learning the Art of Jin Shin and eventually went on to offer treatments and trainings in the United States. My teacher, Stephanie Mines became one of her long-term, dedicated students in 1975. Out of her own legacy of shock and trauma, she then developed this system further into The TARA Approach by integrating the Art of Jin Shin with research in the Neuro-sciences.

Sometimes known as the ‘Grandmother of Acupuncture’, the Art of Jin Shin is informed by pulse listening and based on twenty-six acupressure sites on each side of the body. These are held in different combinations or ‘flows’ to restore the circulation of life force energy along the meridian pathways of our body. As energy flows are restored, so is the natural self-healing ability of our body.

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