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Web: www.hafiedharedpath.com

Tel: 07811377685

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I love helping people create the change they need through my integrated healing approach. Using the experience of over 25yrs as a therapist I can help treat a broad spectrum of health issues which often take root in lifestyle stress, trauma & the ultimate misalignment with our mind, body, spirit.

Using my background in TCM Acupuncture & Sports Therapy as a Shiatsu Practitioner & Therapeutic Massage Therapist I help provide an opportunity for healing & allow you to find a path back towards wholeness. Treatments induce a sense of well being & facilitate you to live more fully.

As an RTT Hypnotherapist I can help guide you to the root cause of thoughts, behaviours, feelings & repetitive patterns that are holding you back & can help deliver a clear transformative way forward. I create a listening space for you & will work on self love and overcoming destructive behaviours to leave you with a greater sense of contentment, to live with more joy and vitality.


Monday to Friday 10-6pn Saturday & Sunday 12-7pm


  • Licensed RTT Hypnotherapy Practitioner,
  • Certified Shiatsu Practitioner,
  • ITEC Anatomy Physiology & Body Massage Therapist,
  • ITEC Sports Therapy,
  • Certified Acupuncturist,
  • level 1 CranioSacral Therapy.
  • Full member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.
  • Fully insured ( Balens).


  • Shiatsu : Trained with The Shiatsu College (Norwich & London 1992-1995 ).
  • ITEC diploma in Anatomy, Physiology & Body Massage : Trained with Alison Rostron School of Massage Norwich ( 1994).
  • ITEC Diploma in Sports Therapy : Alison Rostron school of Massage Norwch( 1996).
  • Sports Massage : Fellowship of sports masseurs & therapists, Morley College London (1995)
  • Acupuncture Practitioner : Trained with South West College of Oriental Medicine Bristol (1996-1998).
  • CranioSacral Therapy level 1: The Upledger institute.
  • Licensed RTT Practitioner & Certified Hypnotherapist : Trained with Marisa Peer 2020-2021 (trained under married name – “Park”)


With over 25 years of practice I bring a depth of experience to my approach. I have worked in various clinics & Health clubs both in London & Scotland. As a Freelance practitioner I have worked throughout Europe.

Integrated healing has been a life long journey for me. I was brought up immersed in holistic medicine & during times of illness it’s positive effect has had a far reaching, healing impact on me. So much so that I was led from young age to study holistic healing modalities. I bring the richness & depth of personal experience to my practice. Being a mother of 4 beautiful beings has only deepened my interest in integrated wellness & has given me a raw understanding of our inter-connectedness. I have seen that when we widen our field of attention, listen to what our bodies are telling us and tend to our experience with kindness, care & compassion then we discover our innate healing capacity. I aim to help you sit with, listen to & allow the flow of life’s experiences to enrich & move you towards greater vitality & wellness.


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“I would wholeheartedly recommend Hafiedha’s approach to treatment. I initially went to see what could be done for an old shoulder injury. Yes, Hafiedha sorted my shoulder but her integrated approach was almost like hitting a “reset” button – making me realise how out of balance I’d become through work stresses. I feel so much better in all respects. Quite a profound recalibration, for which I’m truly grateful.” Phil

“Hafiedha has a subtlety and safety about her that put me at once at ease. I found her presence via zoom deeply comforting & it allowed me to be fully open to the process. My personalised recording was phenomenal, healing  & empowering to listen to. It really supported a massive positive shift in my life & my self-belief. I can’t recommend her enough.” Aisha 

“Thank you Hafiedha. Thank you for enabling me to find a way forward. To a life without constant pain. It would be impossible to find a kinder, wiser, more knowledgeable person. I am forever grateful.” Ailsa

“Ah Hafiedha, thank you so much. it is abundantly clear that your gift of holding space in this way is a golden thing that I’m so grateful exists in the world to bring ease wherever it lands. Thank you, thank you & thank you for my beautiful recording.” Malika 

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