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Hypnotherapy, Holistic Healing

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From childhood on a remote Scottish Island onwards, I have felt a strong connection with the elements and received intuitive guidance before I even knew the terms to describe it. This inner knowingness has enriched my life purpose of empowering others.

I returned to Scotland in 2011 and set up my UK practice under the name of ‘Malcolm Motivation’. As my practice has evolved this no longer felt truly representative of what I do which is supporting Souls experiencing dis-ease and dis-comfort in this third dimensional reality. So, the name changed at the start of 2021 to ‘Soul Support Scotland’ which feels like a more authentically accurate representation.

I work with clients experiencing dis-ease and dis-comfort in the physical, emotional or mental bodies and work with them to remove their blocks and restrictions in these areas. This may be with Hypnotherapy, Holistic Healing at a cellular level with energy healing, or with creating understanding of their own Souls purpose and experience through work in the Akashic Records to clear and blocks and restrictions.

Ongoing sessions may involve a blend of these skills to support and nourish a client to step into their own power through intention and action. This inner connection and resilience creates space for healing and forward momentum in creating the life they choose.



I work from a private practice space in my own home in Elgin, Moray. I also offer my work online via Zoom, Skype or Teleconferencing options -based in Scotland, yet globally mobile!



Occasional Saturdays, mainly Monday to Friday. Appointment times are flexible to meet clients’ needs in different time zones e.g. I am currently working with clients in Europe, Africa and America across various time zones.



After working as a Teacher Trainer in various parts of the world, I returned to Scotland in 2011. I requalified as a Hypnotherapist, subtle energy healer and as a practitioner within the Akashic Records.


Academically I have worked with Language and trained teachers in fragile contexts, using my intuition to guide our session experiences. I chose to expand this skillset into a holistic one through using language to facilitate desired behavioural change with hypnotherapy and trained in Scotland to do this when I returned in 2011.

As this holistic element expanded, my awareness of that which is other did too. I have spent time studying Tai Chi and Qijong in India, Reiki Levels 1 &2 with Tibetan Monks in Nepal and Cellular Energy Healing with Tjitze De Jong  at TECHS with the Advanced Bodies of Light teachings.

Part of the energy healing work was working with Guides and deepening intuitive practices. This, I explored further with Andrrea Hess and her modality of working within the Akashic Records, and this work is absolutely transformative on all levels.



  • BA (Hons) Social Sciences
  • Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA)
  • MA in Applied Linguistics
  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Certified Advanced Bodies of Light practitioner through training with Tjitze de Jong
  • Certified Advanced Practitioner in Akashic Records Soul Realignment through training with Andrrea Hess



As a member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council and the General Hypnotherapy Register, I adhere to both their codes of professional ethics



Fees vary depending upon the therapy and the duration. Details can be found here



My personal mission is to help people just like you to love their lives. To help you resolve issues and empower you in the process, work with you to create goals for your future and support you so you can achieve them. By using classic and cutting-edge therapeutic techniques with professionalism, passion, and confidence, together we can do this with ease.

I offer 3 strands of support;

  • Akashic Record sessions – accessing Soul information in the Akashic records, identifying karmic patterns and blocks and restrictions, clearing your Divine Soul Blueprint and working with you to free yourself from old patterns, to create new steps forward in your life. Property clearings are also available and clear your physical environments ensuring a higher vibrational physical space.
  • Holistic Healing sessions – working with vital force energy on your physical and etheric bodies at a cellular and high vibrational level.
  • Hypnotherapy – working with your subconscious mind, using Hypnotherapy to create new patterns you consciously desire.

Based in the North of Scotland, all sessions are available globally via distance – Skype, Zoom or teleconferencing to connect for the talking parts, and intentional vital force energy through the ether for other elements.

Get ready to embrace a higher vibrational version of you and enjoy your life more fully!

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